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The Company

OPT combines computational designautomation engineering, and material science to design and manufacture highly customizable functional materials. Using their patented technology, they provide material solutions to their customers in multiple industries that address their design, production, and supply chain needs. 

The Project

OPT developed a unique "roll-to-roll" SLA printing process which allows contiguous printing on a fabric substrate. Alogus worked with OPT to develop a print washing station which was compatible with the continuous "roll-to-roll" work flow of the process. 

The print washing machine we developed uses multiple stepper motor driven rollers to tension and feed the fabric through a multi step washing process. The first washing stage is a two sided, recirculating solvent, high pressure spray wash chamber. The second washing stage is an ultrasonic submersion bath.

opt glam dark 2.png
opt glam dark 2.png
opt glam dark 2.png

Alogus designed, built, and tested the entire machine and control system in one month. 

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