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The Company

BFD Systems (which is now part of FreeFly systems) is a UAV hardware development and integration company. They specialize in large industrial multi-rotors for heavy lift payloads, long endurance flights, gas hybrid UAVs, hydrogen fuel cell, and tethered UAV solutions.

The Project

BFD has developed an entirely new airframe which utilizes a hybrid power train consisting of a fuel-injected two-stroke gasoline engine and generator to power 8 electric motors. This platform enables heavier payloads and longer flight times.


We designed the critical structural joint of the removable motor and propeller arm. The joint utilizes a double locking over center latch to create a simple yet secure connection with integrated power and telemetry connections. It is strong, stable, and light-weight. This part is crucial to the drones' mobility, durability, and success.

There were many iterations of design, engineering, and testing leading up to the final outcome. These complex parts require tight tolerance machining out aerospace grade materials. 

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