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The Company

Clean Crop Technologies is an ag startup that aims to address the devastating impact that molds, funguses, toxins, and pathogens can have across the global food supply chain. Their central technology removes contaminants from food product in a non-destructive and chemical free process. Using this technology, they hope to enable better yields, reduce food waste, and improve food safety.

The Product

This project focused on decontaminating seeds. We worked with CCT to design and build a piece of equipment for their lab to run more efficient tests, process more product, and validate important components of the next iteration of machine.  

The various stages of this unit include vibratory feeders, load cell driven dispensers, a motorized belt, and CCT's plasma generation system. The system is controlled by a PLC and gives CCT a flexible testing platform for refining their technology.

As this project was on a relatively tight schedule, it uses a combination of off-the-shelf components and custom parts designed in house and fabricated by our manufacturing partners.

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