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The Company

Red Point Positioning develops real time location tracking systems to enable more efficient data driven site operations. We have designed and engineered every one of their physical products, including stationary anchors and mobile tags. 

The Product

The mining anchor was designed to succeed in the most harsh and demanding environments found in underground mining operations. This device helps pinpoint exact locations of equipment and personnel by utilizing RPP's real time location tracking platform.

This product is injected molded, IP67 rated, and manufactured in Asia. It has a quick release mounting bracket, utilizes IP68 rated POE connectors, has integrated visual indicators, and was shock and vibration tested.  

We listened to RPP's client's needs to identify the operational constraints of this unique operating environment. Through several rounds of prototyping we devised a solution before working with a manufacturer in Asia to manufacture the product.

Exploded Mining Anchor_edited.jpg
210416 RPP Mining Anchor-046-e1900_edited.jpg
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