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The Company

This company is a material science startup that is revolutionizing air purification. We have been working as their engineering team to help them implement their science into manufacturable products. The goal is to create systems that can filter smaller particles and require filter replacement much less often.

The Product

The Tatama is a revolutionary air purifier that removes not only particulates, but also bacteria, viruses, and mold from indoor air. Metalmark’s proprietary materials make it possible to collect these particles, and then fully destroy them. This translates to a much longer filter life than a traditional air purifier.

This is a ceiling mounted system designed for commercial spaces up to 1,000 square feet. The unit houses a HEPA filter, a quiet but efficient fan, and a secondary airflow path that is used for a once-per-month regeneration cycle. The regeneration allows the Tatama to regain optimal performance for up to 5 years.

We have built multiple iterations of prototypes to help Metalmark refine their filtration system. The finished unit uses cost effective materials and manufacturing processes, while retaining a full array of sensors. The Tatama is an IoT device, allowing both the building management and Metalmark to monitor the room air quality and health of the unit remotely. Our onboard firmware can notify a technician when it is time to replace the filter, schedule regeneration at convenient times, and even accept over-the-air updates for any functionality Metalmark might like to add in the future.

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