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The Company

Metalmark is a Harvard startup that is revolutionizing indoor air cleaning. Their air cleaner products use HEPA-grade filters, embedded with Metalmark’s proprietary, butterfly-inspired materials, to capture airborne particulates, such as smoke, viruses, and bacteria, as well as VOCs .

The Product

Metalmark contracted Alogus to help turn their patented self-renewing air cleaning technology into their first product, the Tatama. The Alogus team designed and built four iterations of the ceiling-installed system that uniquely enable the periodic self-renewal of the onboard air filter that translates into as much as 10x the filter life of a conventional air cleaner.

The Tatama is a fully connected IoT device with a full suite of environmental sensors. The cloud-based dashboard gives facility managers visibility to air quality and system performance as reported from their entire fleet of Tatama devices across many rooms, levels, buildings, and sites. The dashboard can also signal when a filter should be replaced, enable scheduling of air cleaning and filter renewal operations and provide device functionality upgrades.

Alogus worked with Metalmark based on rounds of testing to refine each iteration of hardware designs and firmware to achieve Metalmark’s performance goals toward a robust and cost-effective ready-for-production design.

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