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The Company

Pippy Sips was founded by a new mother who experienced the struggle of breastfeeding when she returned to the office. "The process was far from ideal." Pippy Sips has set out to make life for new mothers more convenient by helping them pump from anywhere. 

The Product

Maia is a patented 3-in-1 system for storing, cooling and monitoring breastmilk. Maia features a vacuum-insulated stainless steel shell containing a BPA-free plastic bottle that directly connects to industry-leading pumps. It can hold up to 10oz of breastmilk and keep it a safe temperature for 16+ hours. 

This long overdue product not only addresses practicality but appearance as well. The exterior needed to aesthetically blend in with a mother's life and routine. The cooling mechanism is a small stainless steel 'puck' you'll keep in a freezer overnight to 'recharge' and you can double-tap the "thermo-lid" to reveal the temperature of the breastmilk at any time.

We developed this product from the early stages of market research by discerning what concept would be feasible and successful. There were many variations of designing, prototyping, engineering, graphics, and DFM leading up to production.

We did extensive thermal testing to ensure the safe storage temperature for extensive periods of time. There was also a detailed process in order to vet and find the right vendor for this project. 

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