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The Company

BFD Systems (which is now part of FreeFly systems) is a UAV hardware development and integration company. They "specialize in large industrial multi-rotors for heavy lift payloads, long endurance flights, gas hybrid UAVs, hydrogen fuel cells, and tethered UAV solutions."

The Project

​We developed a suite of products to enable tethered flight of their industrial multi-rotor and heavy-lift aircraft. Without a tether a drone can only fly using battery power for a short period of time, but with the BFD tether system these drones can fly for hours or days. This opens up new possibilities for industrial applications in telecom and imaging. 

​The tether power supply (TPS) box takes 240 volt power from a generator on the ground, converts it to 380 volt dc and sends it up a 500 foot specialized, light-weight tether to the aircraft. The system also integrates commercial grade fiber optic communication and networking equipment.


We utilized a combination of custom and off-the-shelf components packaged into a portable, light-weight, rugged enclosure suitable for rapid field deployment in remote locations. 

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