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The Company

Coral Surgical is a collaboration between Alogus Innovation & Design, Veterinary Solutions Direct (VSD) and Alfred Veterinary Orthopedics. VSD is a veterinary sales distributor of surgical equipment, orthopedic implants, and instrumentation. Alfred is a veterinary orthopedic surgery consulting firm. Together, we provide surgical guides, surgical planning, and anatomical bone models for veterinary orthopedic surgeons.

The Product

We design and manufacture custom 3D printed surgical guides to correct angular limb deformities in small animals. This correction involves the cutting and repositioning of the bone, followed by securing the two bone halves in place with a stainless-steel plate. The use of surgical guides allows for increased precision in both cutting and realignment, which contributes to more efficient procedures and better healing outcomes. 


Using a 3D model from a CT scan, we assess an animal’s limb deformity, create pre-op and post-op models of the bone, and use those models to design two surgical guides for each case. The first is an osteotomy guide which fits on the center of the deformity and provides a flat surface for the surgeon’s blade to cut the bone in two. The second is a reduction guide which is used to locate the corrected position and hold the two bone halves in place so that an implant can be secured. Each guide we deliver is patient-specific, as it needs to fit the surface of the bone in exactly one spot according to a tailored surgical plan.

Using surgical guides contributes to quicker, less invasive surgeries, fewer anesthesia events, and fewer surgical complications. This allows patients to be more comfortable during rehabilitation and to return to their full range of motion more rapidly.

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